The process of painting each cover is complex, requiring several steps, and ending with a original hand painted multi-dimensional work of art. I know this because I personally paint each cover I create and have upwards of 10 years invested into mastering this process.

Each painting starts with the original comic book cover as a guide. I then redraw the black line art and use several different programs to break the drawing into different layers. My comic paintings will have either 6 or 7 layers and the Eye Quotes will have 5. Next, I imagine how they will appear dimensionally hoping to avoid timely errors of perception. From beginning to end this process usually takes between 12 and 15 hours to complete.

From there I etch the line art into each individual layer of material, this step usually requires 3 to 4 hours to complete. Once the etching is complete I then paint in the black line art and begin the process of painting each character and component. In order to provide the best appearance, each panel is reverse painted. In other words, the roughness of the paint and brush strokes is on the back side but because of the transparent nature of the material the front of each panel is absolutely smooth in appearance. This adds 2 to 5 hours depending on how complex the cover is.

If you look carefully at each painting you can still see the details of individual brush strokes in it. While my process gives me the ability to paint another version, by design, each version is a original work requiring each step of each panel to be individually completed including the complete process of reverse painting.

From there each panel is carefully positioned and sealed over the other panel  creating the 3 dimensional depth. Once completed but prior to framing each 6 layer painting will have depth just over 1", 7 layer paintings will be just under 1.25". Each piece is then framed using a modern, black, 1.75" deep shadowbox picture frame with heavy gauge wire; Each piece is signed, sealed, and ready to hang.